Communities In Schools

Communities In Schools, one of the nation’s leading dropout prevention programs, offers and integrates community services that help economically disadvantaged students, grades K–12, stay in school and graduate on time.

A Communities In Schools (CIS) site coordinator at each school assesses students’ needs and then identifies and connects students to resources that meet these needs. Through strategic partnerships with local providers, CIS site coordinators blend various community supports to provide integrated student services benefiting an entire student body.

Coordinators also provide more intensive and individualized case management support for the 10 to 15 percent of students with special behavioral, mental health, or academic needs and identified as most likely to fall behind academically or drop out.

In 2012, the economic modeling firm EMSI calculated that every dollar invested in CIS creates $11.60 in economic benefits,

2014 Highlights

  • CIS completed a new strategic implementation plan to guide the organization through 2018. It concentrates on reaching more youth and on transformational investments that can accelerate the expansion of integrated student services.
  • CIS launched “Change the Picture,” a multi-year national branding campaign that includes pro bono placements in newspapers and on TV, radio and social media.

  • It introduced CIS University, a professional development platform for the entire network that includes training pathways for executive leadership, site coordinators and program volunteers. Additional pathways scheduled for release in 2015 include avenues for program managers and board volunteers.

Youth Served

Number of youth served through intensive case management in target geographies
Note: EMCF's SIF investment originally targeted CA, NC and SC for growth. In 2014, IA, NE, NM, TX and Wash, DC were added. CIS serves 1.4 million students across its entire network.

Revenue (in millions)

For Communities In Schools' national office only


Monitored students who graduate high school across the entire network
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  • Actual
  • Projected