The SEED Foundation

The SEED Foundation opens and supports public boarding schools for underserved students who need more than a traditional educational setting, helping them to overcome obstacles and succeed in school, college and life.

The SEED Foundation (SEED) integrates a rigorous college-prep academic program and individualized instruction with a nurturing boarding program within a safe campus environment.

It operates 24-hour-a-day (Sunday evening to Friday afternoon) learning and living communities that start in middle school and extend through high school.

Students receive strong social support in the afterschool hours, including individual and mental health counseling, life skills instruction, and enrichment programs. All SEED graduates have access to SEED's College Transition & Success program, which provides academic, financial, personal, and career guidance from enrollment through graduation and beyond.

2014 Highlights

  • With public funding and support from private donors, The SEED School of Miami opened at a temporary site in August 2014, serving 60 students.
  • Shifting its primary focus from expansion toward programmatic results, SEED reorganized and began strengthening governance and practices at all three of its schools while it continues to explore a limited number of high-potential opportunities for expansion.

  • SEED named a new Head of School for Washington, DC, where its high school was ranked as one of three Tier 1 high schools based on its performance in 2013.

Youth Served

Revenue (in millions)

Note: In 2014, SEED received up-front funding for its Miami school that was utilized in 2014 and 2015.


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