Overall Portfolio Performance

In 2014, the Edna McConnell Clark Foundation invested in 21 youth-serving organizations. Our grantees continued to perform well, serving more youth and earning more revenue. 

Our investments helped them serve, collectively, 206,289 youth – those at greatest risk and least likely to succeed without extra assistance. Out of these 21, the 20 organizations in which we had invested previously increased the number of youth they served by nearly eight percent, from 153,487 to 165,429.  

In total, the 21 organizations realized $956.5 million in revenue. The 20 grantees in which we had invested previously increased their revenue by nearly 11 percent, from $850 to $942 million. 

We also continue to report on grantees’ outcomes – indicators of the impact they are having on young people – which we began sharing in 2011. Due to the diverse nature of the programs we support, portfolio-wide data is not available. 

About our reporting 

Like last year's, our 2014 annual report of youth served and revenue begins with the first year of EMCF’s investment as a baseline.

For youth served, EMCF tracks the number of young people participating in the program or programs in which EMCF has invested.

Actual revenue reported in graphs represents a grantee’s total revenue, organization-wide, and is taken from audited financial statements. Revenue projections may not include non-operating items (i.e., investment gains/losses) that may be included in actual revenue totals. 

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